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Season's Greetings - download them

More Bookbinding
On October 21 at Buchhandlung Rühs, Bad Nauheim. Please email to register.

I have It All Here On Red Blue Green
Screening and talk on musicvideos. After a spectacular reception at the sweet Salon Hegenheim, the second edition is to follow on June 24, 2017.

Bookbinding Workshop
I continue to show people how to bind books. Upcoming dates:
October 13, 2017 at Bürgerhaus Blofeld. Please email to register

The Making of Americans von Gertrude Stein
The show will premier on Oct 22nd at Theater Winkelwiese Zurich.

Hey, a 3 year obsession with Gertrude Stein suddenly entered a more productive, more outreaching, more sharing, more whatever period in which all that semi digested Stein universe starts oscillating between the outside world and myself. But well, how could it be any different. She was a genius and she knew it. There are many that she knew and they knew it. And then she started being loving repeating. So come and join: Marathonreading of The Making of Americans - Being a History of a Family's Progress - VIA Basel, Amerbachstrasse 55, Thursday, December 10, 7.30pm - Sunday, December 13 late afternoon. Marathonpresentation of a residency on The Making of Americans - Being a History of a Family's Progress. We will share what we found out and how we might approach putting the full thing on stage in October 2016. Theater Winkelwiese Zurich , Wednesday, December 16, 11.30pm through Saturday, December 19, 9pm.
Bring your mug and learn a lot on Gertrude and her way of writing with words!

Le Manifeste des Manifstes d'Obscurisme
- On Nov 6 I perform this new manifesto on obscure film. In July 2015, me and Collectif Inouite developed the Performance La Manifeste des Manifeste which was presented at Blackboxx Basel. For the piece, we worked together with refugees at Balackboxx and developed a new manifesto composed from the avantgardist manifestos, political ones and the needs of the refugees.
More sugar for Blackboxx!
The original text will now be adapted for Claire Obscure and supplemented with the Una-Bomber's manifesto and the Danish Dogma manifesto in order to compose a manifesto of obscure films at the beginning of the 21st century.

Hobbyraum Assenheim
- On July 24 we celebrated the opening of der hobbyraum, an artist run space in the countryside of Hesse. The space opened with an exhibition titled this next one is dedicated to the aesthetics of anger mgmt. Part of the show is the documentary die nerven in israel - noiserock & sugarpop from a country called germany. News will be posted here.

The Making of Americans - Reading Gertrude Stein - the Stein obsession between Marcel Schwald and me slighly turns psychotic. From December 11 to 13 we will do a marathon reading of the entire 1000 pages by Gertrude. It will happen at the VIA studio of les reines prochaines in collaboration with kaserne Basel.
And then we will turn the modernist novel into a play premiering in October 2016 at Winkelwiese Zurich.

Love Songs - a first collaboration with Sarah Maria Bürgin. We develop a piece on Love Songs following Nick Cave's lecture on love songs and Frederico Garcia Lorca's theories on el duende. Premiering in March 2016.

The Making of Alice B. Toklas
- A lecture performance on Gertrude Stein, Avantgardism, Heteronormativity, Machismo and the Disgrace of the Gesture. Premiered in Cologne in 2014 and was just so amazing. Stefan Hölscher said I was the born lecture performer. Please shout if you know another context in which I can lecture about Gertrude.

watch out: for the superimportant season's greetings podcast