The time is now!
This world must come to an end!
We know what is going wrong!
We know how to put things right!

We will share our clandestine knowledge with you! Finally, after many many lovely séànces preformatives as Madame Irma and their theatrical reflection on metamorphism and imprisonment L`Herbe est toujours plus vert, Collectif Inouite and Alan Twitchell are going to perform something in Basel again. In the context of a little festival on Erich Mühsam held at Blackboxx we most delightedly announce... Le Manifeste des Manifestes!
On July 11 we will host a workshop on manifestos - like: the futurist one and the one on the futurist kitchen, surrealism of course but also the no manifesto and the yes manifesto, the manifesto of anthropophagia, contrasexuality and of course the manifesto of the coming resurrection, to honestly name but a few.
On July 12 we will deliver a little performance based on the learnings from the manifesto workshop and will try to implement the theories of revolution in practical life. You might yawn, well, sure, let them fail. Revolutions always fail. But we at Collectif Inouite have no eye for the weary I of the cynic. So get out of your pool, leave the chilled Margarita and see us at Blackboxx. Bruce, Max & Alan

ps.: as it is the case at Blackboxx, you never know when things really happen. The workshop will tentatively happen on July 11 from 12-6pm; the performance might happen just as tentatively on July 12 at 4pm pps.: further information on