Peer Counceling under the Conditions of MDMD

MDMD 21 06 from Alan Twitchell on Vimeo.

An experimental short film commissioned by the Swiss National Institute of Cartography & Geoinformation. MDMD - the Multidimensional Mapping Device which was secretly developed at ETH Zurich - caused an incident. As on of its many tragic results people turn into the fictions of others. The film follows a peer counceling session between three of these: one believing to be David Lynch's Eraserhead, another believing to be St. Matthew painted by Michelangelo Carravaggio - but maybe also a fantasy from the Derek Jarman picture -  and finally a person considering herself a mash up of red riding hood and Ulrike Meinhof (the real one, or the one painted by Gerhard Richter?). Of course, the session has a tragic outcome. My Private Idaho had some great influence on us while writing the picture.


The picture premieres at the International Cartographers Congress in Dresden in August 2013 and will be shown at Claire Obscure Filmfestival in Basel in November 2013. A Swiss premiere is scheduled for September in Zurich.

At the moment we are trying to crowdfund a sequel of the project.