Caravan of Needs is a long term interventionist project capturing the needs, desires, and longings of people living in the upper rhine border region of France, Germany and Switzerland. The project was part of IBA Basel 2020. Have a look at the videos and listen to the audios and wait for our poster series with stunning anticipation.

As working with IBA Basel 2020 has turned more and more into confusion and controversial ideas clashing between lovely Clübli Deserteurs and strange IBA, we decided to leave that context and continue with the project independently. Soon enough, it is going to happen. On June 17 and 18 the caravan will stop in the most amazing place called Burg im Leimental. Burg is the place where Albert Hoffmann used to live until he passed away. It is the place where he is buried. And it is probably the only town in the world which sells Hoffmann's books in the community centre. Apart from that there is a series of break ups concerning the place. We will investigate that and notions of xenophobia going along that. On June 20 we will visit the fishermen down by the Rhine at Schweizerhalle to hear what they think and party a little.

Interview Series

As an ongoing project Clübli Deserteurs interviews people who used to live in the upper Rhine area about their experiences on neighborhood, cross border relationships, cooperation, and collaboration.
Gregor (*1971)

Poster Series

Video Series

Caravan of Needs - Shopping Inferno from Alan Twitchell on Vimeo.

August 24, 2013
500 MAL 500 or NOT MY SUISSE
A celebration of the 500th anniversary of the lovely community of Bettingen becoming part of even more lovely Switzerland. A great moment in history which totally slips off the agenda of both highbrow and rainbow press. We cannot leave things like that. We will collect 500 statements including a 500. Maybe the statements relate to issues like neighborhood, expanding territory, hegemonial strategies and civil disobedience. Maybe they won’t. We will keep all statements safe for the next 500 years. Be sure to visit and leave your statement!! Saturday, August 24 11am to 6pm.

CON Shopping Inferno from Alan Twitchell on Vimeo.

August 31, 2013
Die Brücke, die von Huningue (F) nach Weil (D) führt, ächzt jedes Wochenende unter der Einkaufslast von Grenzshoppern. Le Clübli Désérteurs verlangsamt die Passantenströme, wirft Blicke in die Einkaufstaschen und hält sich mit Konsumkritik zurück. Of course shopping is great! Warum gleich nochmal? - Eine Schäkerei für und wider 'our right to shop'.

Caravan of Needs - Accents in Alsace from Alan Twitchell on Vimeo.

September 1, 2013
ACCENTS IN ALSACE– an open rehearsal of Gertrude Steins most underrated text at Sierentz, France "Domaine Haas - Le Moulin Culturel" - In der alten Mühle von Sierentz soll eine Mediathek und ein Kulturort entstehen. Le Clübli Désérteur probt open air und öffentlich das Stück zur Einweihung, mit Gertrude Steins 'Accents in Alsace' (bei Regen mit Schirmen). Vermutlich wird es die französische Erstaufführung. Wie immer lässt Le Clübli Désérteur das Publikum mitreden. Schliesslich wollen wir mehr über den Wahrheitsgehalt erfahren von Sätzen wie The Alsatians don't sing as well as their storks oder The Swiss are the origin of Mulhouse. Wie Ihr uns findet? Fahrt an den entsprechenden Ort und fragt Euch durch. Trefft uns! Erkundet den trinationalen Euro District Basel!

CON 2012 internet - iPhone from Alan Twitchell on Vimeo.

2012 feierte das Clübli in de Petite Camargue Alsacienne den französischen Nationalfeiertag und spürte dabei Konflikten zwischen Vogelbeobachtern, Naturschützern und Mountainbikern hinterher.

ngs at bissen from Clübli Désertseurs on Vimeo.